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Azaryun , the princess of the celestial Dome, She is the Princess of the fifth continent, the West, and she is the daughter of the King of Morocco. She resides in...

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Azaryun , the princess of the celestial Dome,
She is the Princess of the fifth continent, the West, and she is the daughter of the King of Morocco. She resides in the Turquoise Pavilion and on Wednesday, she narrates a story of a man who started to wear exclusively blue clothing never to forget his salvation from evil. The turquoise vest symbolizes victory over the demons. In ancient Persian culture, blue is also the color of mourning. The ancient world's most exquisite turquoise was coming from Persia, mounted or inlaid in precious gold jewelry. It represented the heavenly and celestial vault, and therefore, this beloved gemstone became the country's national treasure, drenched with meaningful symbolic power. The Princess and the Blue Dome's handmaidens perform a dance inspired by the Sufi ritual of Zikr, a spiritual practice that genuinely leads to a sense of inner the earrings and ring of this wonderful set the feminine and delicate tones of pink merges with the rare and peaceful Tuquoise color of the shaded Paraiba tourmalines: the rarest gemstones of this amazing hue to suggest a peaceful connection wotj the turquoise ( Firouze’) and the heavenly peaceful dimension of inner peace . This combination is highlighted by the delicate touches of geometrical shapes princess cut white diamonds which are matching with the other geometrical patterns : penthagonal ( panje ) and kite shapes pink unheated sapphires accordingly to the architettonical Persian rules of the Panje case ( the five dimensions ) where the volumes are never flat or simply rounded but they are following tridimensionality in any possible shape . Please take a look behind the earrings at the clips which are a simplified reproduction of some of the historical houses rooftop details of some of the most refined architectures in Persia . Look at the section of the gemset areas in contrast with lines of plain gold which are giving to the whole jewel a volumetric feeling . The earrings are sectioned in 5 areas of movements ( 4 parallel to the high of the earrings and one vertical in the center ) conferring a large flexibility to the whole creation and allowing the maximum sparkle for all the gemstones while following the body movement of the wearer . The ring center is encrusted with many geometrical shapes unheated natural pink sapphire which are a simplification of the Mausoleum roof top of Hafez in Shiraz . Hafez is one of the most important Persian poet and I personally visit the MUSALLA GARDENS where this beautiful architecture dedicated to his peaceful test was built in 1773 and which I had the pleasure to visit and gives an hommage with this ring . Therefore the feminine colour combination and the geometrical star centered are definitely in connection with poetry Heaven , soul-healing and that natural and protective dimension we want to suggest with those jewels dedicated to Azaryun .

Stones description for the Earrings: 18KT White Gold 19.53 gms - White Diamonds 0.49 cts - White Diamonds Princess cut 8/1.24 cts - Paraibas 0.67 cts - Pink Sapphire un-heated Kite cut 28/9.20 cts

Stones description for the Ring: 18KT White Gold 20.10 gms - White Diamonds 0.85 cts - Paraibas 0.688 cts - Pink Sapphire un-heated Kite cut 24/6.55 cts



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