The History of FerriFirenze.  With each piece envisaged as a love letter from Florence, FerriFirenze imbues centuries of artisan traditions with modern allure. Founded by industry veteran Ilaria Furlotti and Giulio Ferrari, a master craftsman, FerriFirenze's designs reflect  the architecture of rising cities and the wonders of nature. Hand made in and around the fountains, statues and frescoes of a 16th century villa nestled in the green hills that surround the Cradle of the Renaissance,  FerriFirenze distinguishes itself on a global level for its unique creativitiy and elaborate, unrivalled technques. Catering to a new generation of women with a penchant for timeless luxury keepsakes, FerriFirenze continues to evolve the Florentine legacy for high-end jewellery making. Private clients are privy to VIP appointments among the well preserved statues and frescoes housed in the fabled Villa Corsi Salviati, for which FerriFirenze is an active participant in the upkeep. Savor the splendor of the estate’s breathtaking gardens and halls and take part in the making of your own timeless keepsake.