A story of passion

GaGà Milano is a company founded in 2004 thanks to the versatile creativity of Ruben Tomella; it owes its name to a particular way of living, looking and dealing with the world.

The “GaGà de Milan”

“Gagà” is a typical expression of the Milanese dialect, used in the past to describe a man, dainty and refined in both manners and style.
This simple definition inspired the world of GaGà Milano, watchmaking brand which over the years has become increasingly renowned by designing highly sophisticated models.

Passion for watches arrived early, when he was 14 years old and worked in the watchmaking factory of his father in Crema. In 2000, he opens his first jewelry shop, which distributes numerous brands. However, it is in 2004 that he manages to fulfill his dream from the need to create something that can represent him in his entirety: GaGà Milano is born.

International spirit

In a short time, the company grows and develops, reaching an international success: stores are opened in the most exclusive cities in Italy and all over the world. GaGà Milano has increased its renown through a strong expansion on the global market, making a name for itself in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. All this thanks to Ruben Tomella, the creative and eclectic soul of the brand, who in little more than 14 years has reinterpreted the classic watchmaking with originality and color.